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We will call your state's employment office until we get through, then we connect the lines at a better rate than any other auto-dialing service. If there are any complications with your connection, don't worry because we guarantee that you will speak with a representative! To get started, Login/Sign up with your phone number.

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California Call


One gauranteed call where you speak with an EDD representative.

Florida Call


One gauranteed call where you speak with a DEO representative.

Georgia Call


One gauranteed call where you speak with a DOL representative.

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Multiple and Simultaneous Phone Calls

Getting through to the employment office can be painstaking. Our goal is to remove that additional stress at an affordable price.

Success Rate

Calls Under 1 Hour Wait

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Our Promise

What We Offer


We guarantee that you will be connected to a hold line where you will speak with a live representative.


We use enterprise SaaS solutions for authentication and database to protect your data.

Easy To Use

Sign up, make a payment and you'll recieve a phone call with the employment department.

Data Privacy

We will never sell any of your information to 3rd parties.

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Guaranteed Best Price and Reliabe Support

We're always avaliable to assist

Our chat support is always online during calling hours

Security is Always a Priority

Everything is secure and connections are never recorded

Fast and Cheaper than Competitors

Don't pay the ridiculous pricing that other services are demanding